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Answer all customers questions and rerquirements promptly and accurately according to the knowledge base. Provide standard service to customers;

Quickly master the company's new policies, new business. Actively promote the company's new products, to encourage customers to use the company's products;

Accept the clients business application, and complaint telephone. Accurately record the complaint content, generate the documents that request assistance from related departments in time, and transfer them to the background group;

Assist to organize training materials and coaching junior account representatives. Participate in all kinds of training and improve the comprehensive quality. Participate in various team activities and support team building;

As for the problems and information that are not in the database, record the questions and turn them on to the business team. Collect mobile business information timely and accurately, study mobile business knowledge, collect customer demand information, and improve service;

Communicate with customers through multi-channel (such as telephone, short message, mail, etc.) to achieve service or sales goal;

Good consultation and complaints of users, deal with trouble reporting, and summarize the opinions and suggestions of the user feedback;

Fill the shift diary, indicate the problems that are unfinished and to be solved to next shift.

Keep good contact and communication with other departments;

Check the operation of the computer regularly and repair the trouble in time


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