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Position: Assistant General Manager: 1 people

Work experience: 5 years education requirements: Undergraduate age requirements: 30~50 years old

Job requirements:

1, there are more than three years experience in overall management, responsible for the overall work of Lei Li popular, under the leadership of general manager, to prepare the staff assistant general manager, played the role of connecting, seriously do full service.

2, under the leadership of the general manager, is responsible for enterprise specific management of the layout, implementation, inspection, supervision, implementation.

3. Assist the general manager in the management of the operation and services, and supervise, check, implement and implement the management.

Position: Planner / dispatcher

Job requirements:

1 、 college degree or above,

2 、 more than three years PMC position in electronics factory,

3, to the customer's production order can be flexible control, deployment of production resources

4, witty, flexible, responsible for the work, dedication, a high degree of professional ethics

Transformer Engineer

Job requirements:

1 、 familiar with high and low frequency transformer, SMD inductance principle.

2, familiar with sample acknowledgment book, product BOM table, production instruction book production, production time accounting.

3 、 familiar with the debugging and maintenance of production equipment and measuring instruments.

Mainly responsible for:

1, responsible for sample development, recognition, product BOM table, production instruction book production, production hours accounting.

2. Supervise the production of new products on line.

3, responsible for managing technical drawings and documents, maintenance process documentation.

4, responsible for improving the process, improve production efficiency, reduce costs and reduce defective products. Negotiable

Position: warehouse keeper

Job requirements:

1 、 transformer factory to do more than one year warehouse manager.

2, understand ERP process, computer operation, familiar with transformer.

3 、 understand warehouse management, obey management team consciousness.

Position: transformer PIE Engineer

Work experience: 3 years of Education: high school

Job requirements:

1, process operation instruction book production, production hours accounting analysis.

2 、 responsible for new product trial run and follow up. Product process guidance, process improvement, production efficiency improvement, line quality and efficiency supervision.

3, production equipment and test equipment debugging and maintenance, tooling, tooling production, improvement, maintenance.

4, treatment negotiable.

Position: Transformer Technology

Work experience: 3 years or above: Secondary School

Job requirements:

1, familiar with high-frequency transformer production related equipment, equipment use, adjustment, maintenance, production line tooling, smelting tools maintenance, improvement, small production. Pay side

Position: QE Engineer

Work experience: 3 years or above: Secondary School

Job requirements:

1 、 high frequency transformer more than 2 years QE work experience, familiar with transformer production process, in-depth analysis of various quality abnormalities, understand customer complaints process, will prepare 8D report;

2 、 test transformer will be used;

3. Understand and apply the quality management techniques, such as QC, FMEA, SPC.

Position: Assistant Supervisor

Work experience: 2 years or above: Junior College

Job requirements:

1, familiar with transformer production process, look at the Dong drawings, 2 years of experience in this position;

2. Understand the production plan knowledge, co-ordinate the production schedule of the branch factory and the outsourcing factory, and complete the production task on time;

3, according to the external production unit, arrange the material and car demand of the branch;

4, responsible for all kinds of forms, complete the financial data, cooperate with the finance, do the accounting work;

5 、 college degree or above, team spirit, flexible and sensitive to numbers.

Transformer production supervisor

Work experience: 5 years or above: Secondary School

Job requirements:

1 high school or above, three years of equivalent position.

2 、 have five years experience in production management of medium-sized transformer factory.

3 、 rich production site management techniques and concepts.

4, hard-working, dedicated, solid work.

5 、 can travel, can be assigned branch.

Automation Design Engineer

Work experience: 1 years or above: no limit

Job requirements:

1. Draw mechanical drawings and design independently.

Position: business Merchandiser

Work experience: more than 3 years education: no language: unlimited age: Unlimited

Occupation category: Merchandiser

Job requirements:

1, more than three years work experience, communication ability, quick thinking, careful work, methodical, rigorous work, planning, good at analysis and thinking;

2, strong sense of responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work, familiar with office software, responsible, able to work under pressure.

Contact: Mr. Sun

Contact number: 0755-27342508-816

Email: sunrongrong@sz-baohui.com

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