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    Enterprise tenet With constantly innovating in technology and strict management, we can provide our customers the products with better market competitiveness and after-sales service.

Enterprise spiritPositive enterprising, innovation, attentiveness to duties, and go all out to be strong. 

Management ideaPeople oriented, taking science and technology as the power, to survive by quality 

Enterprise cultureHonesty, solidarity, dedication, innovation

Quality policyKeep the promises, Delivery the products and services to the clients timely and accurately delivery .

      Give priority to prevention, continuous improvement, improve product quality and customer satisfaction 

Environment policyAbide by laws and regulations, full participation, saving energy and reducing consumption, green development, protect the earth 


Comply with regulations: Our activities, products, and service strictly comply with state, local environmental protection laws, regulations and standard Accurate. Control the internal  with stricter standard than national and local environmental regulations.

Full participation: strengthens employees environmental awareness education, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees, and maintain the environmental protection activities 

Saving energy and reducing consumption: constantly improve the technology, and save resources and energy as much as possible. Strengthen the resource regeneration and use raw materials, reduce the amount of waste during the production.

Green development: try to explore the alternative of poisonous and harmful material during the production. Control the process of design, procurement, manufacture, and the delivery, to make our products tend to be more green 

Protect the earth: adjust the plant layout, adopt corresponding measures to reduce the pollution of the environment factors, and actively take part in all kinds of environmental protection activities, to help to protect the environment

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